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Reviews Italian Courses

Welcome to the reviews section of our Italian students! We are proud to share the positive experiences and achievements of our students who have chosen to learn the Italian language with us.

The reviews of our students are testimony to the value we offer through our online and face-to-face Italian courses. Their enthusiastic feedback confirms the quality of teaching and our commitment to providing an exceptional learning experience.

Our students particularly appreciate the personalised approach of our native Italian teachers, who are adapted to their individual needs. Our engaging and interactive lessons allow them to practice the language effectively and achieve tangible results in improving their language skills.

We pride ourselves on providing an inspiring learning environment where students feel supported and motivated in achieving their language goals.

We are confident that their positive experiences will convince you to join us in your Italian language learning adventure.

I turned to prepare for a Italian language university exam that I could not pass despite numerous attempts. Thanks to Maria, I was able to take the exam with peace of mind, obtaining an excellent grade! This is why I 100% recommend to anyone who is having difficulty with language exams.

Ludovica G.

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The teachers are all native speakers, group lessons are done in a few students (4/5 in my case) and the organization is very serious. I found myself very well.

Auriane A.

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I learned about this school through a friend of mine, who attends the Catholic university with me, is actually strategically positioned: very convenient, it is located in via Carducci (in the arms of the university) so I didn't waste time traveling and take means. I took advantage of a daytime discount dedicated to university students. The structure is simple and minimal, the mother tongue teachers are prepared .. And above all the most important thing for me was to pass the Italian language exams which I did and therefore I think that a positive feedback is deserved.

Alessandro M.

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My experience with the Italian language course is extremely positive. They provide a wide range of courses and can cater to practically every need, be it beginners, intensive personal classes or group courses. The organization is really good, the mood is friendly and the location is nice and convenient. The teachers are good (I had occasion to try 3 different Italian language teachers) and they work well, my overall sensation is of making good progress language-wise in a friendly atmosphere.

Anna A.

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